Cleveland Grooming Academy


Complete Basic Grooming Course Curriculum

At the Cleveland Grooming Academy students will learn all of the following skills to create a solid foundation for their new career! The Complete Basic Grooming Course includes everything taught in the Complete Basic Bathing Course and more!
  • All equipment safety, maintenance, and cleaning procedures.
  • All brush, comb, and rake styles and which one will work best for each individual pet coat types.
  • Blade and clip comb lengths, and how to alternate between them.
  • Table safety.
  • Tub Safety.
  • Safest blow drying techniques, and how to pick the appropriate dryer for each individual pet to minimize stress.
  • Safest washing techniques to minimize stress.
  • How to trim nails and file down nails.
  • How to clean ears.
  • How to monitor pets for signs of stress or possible health problems.
  • How to build trust, and provide a positive grooming experience to all pets.
  • How to introduce young puppies to their first groom, while providing a positive experience to set them up to enjoy future grooms.
  • How to handle and care for senior pets.
  • How to handle and care for aggressive pets.
  • How to handle and care for matted pets.
  • Breed specific cuts as well as cuts for mixed breeds.
  • Cuts varying from basic light trims to a summer shave.
  • How to build a genuine client to groomer relationship.
  • How to pick the correct product for each pet, to benefit their coat or skin.
  • How to perform a de-shed process, which removes up to 90% of a pet's undercoat.
  • How to properly manage time while working on a pet.
  • How to appropriately book appointments based on learned skills.
  • And much more!