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Complete Basic Grooming

Complete Basic Grooming Curriculum

At the Cleveland Grooming Academy students will learn all of the following skills to create a solid foundation for their new career! The Complete Basic Grooming Course includes everything taught in the Complete Basic Bathing Course and more!

•All equipment safety, maintenance, and cleaning procedures.

•All brush, comb, and rake styles and which one will work best for each individual pet coat types.

•Blade and clip comb lengths, and how to alternate between them.

•Table safety.

•Tub Safety.

•Safest blow drying techniques, and how to pick the appropriate dryer for each individual pet to minimize stress.

•Safest washing techniques to minimize stress.

•How to trim nails and file down nails.

•How to clean ears.

•How to monitor pets for signs of stress or possible health problems.

•How to build trust, and provide a positive grooming experience to all pets.

•How to introduce young puppies to their first groom, while providing a positive experience to set them up to enjoy future grooms.

•How to handle and care for senior pets.

•How to handle and care for aggressive pets.

•How to handle and care for matted pets.

•Breed specific cuts as well as cuts for mixed breeds.

•Cuts varying from basic light trims to a summer shave.

•How to build a genuine client to groomer relationship.

•How to pick the correct product for each pet, to benefit their coat or skin.

•How to perform a de-shed process, which removes up to 90% of a pet's undercoat.

•How to properly manage time while working on a pet.

•How to appropriately book appointments based on learned skills.

•And much more!

**This course does not include learning to groom cats, however students may observe an instructor performing these services.**


Equipment Cost: $1,800.00

Books: Included in equipment cost!

Tuition: $4,500.00

Registration Fee: $100.00

Total Cost: $6,400.00

Call today and ask about our payment plans!

Student Reviews

Cleveland grooming academy is an amazing grooming school! I graduated from there in August 2020. Arielle is a great teacher! She always makes sure you are comfortable with what your doing and she teaches you at your pace! I drove 2 hours to go to her school, it was worth it and she accommodated to my schedule because of how far I was driving. If I could give more than 5 stars I would!

Loegen W.

I am a former student of the grooming academy and I had a phenomenal experience. Arielle is a great instructor that is very knowledgeable and personable which is what I appreciate about a teacher. Every dog I’ve seen her groom has turned out looking fabulous and she treats them with the best care. She also makes sure her students are safe with all of the animals and makes sure that mistakes are corrected (if there are any). You can tell Arielle is in this profession for the animals and nothing else and her client communications are immaculate as well. After finishing the program she has made it clear that she is open to questions later if any student needs help! She also went above and beyond to get us CPR lessons! And even though everyone is buying doodles and small dogs lately she makes sure to teach us pattern cuts which is super beneficial!

Arielle and the cleveland grooming academy is THE BEST! I wouldn’t suggest anywhere else :)

Jenna J.

I graduated from Cleveland grooming academy in January. Arielle was an awesome teacher. I learned SO much! She is so knowledgeable, teaches you at your own pace and one on one when possible. Arielle also try’s her best to work around any schedule issues if she can. if you have any sort of questions she knows the solution. She’s definitely one of the best people to learn from in the Cleveland area in my opinion. Cleveland Grooming Academy is definitely an amazing clean environment to start learning dog grooming! I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in the field. Loved going to school the conditions are great, great learning, and great grooming.

Sam S.

As a current student on week 9 of the course, I can honestly say Cleveland Grooming Academy is the best decision I’ve made. I was very skeptical while looking for the right school, but this by far beats any corporate or private schooling I’ve looked into. I started out very nervous working on my clients, but Arielle has given me the confidence and instruction necessary to excel in the trade. Throughout the 10 week course, I’ve gotten my hands on 100+ dogs and feel so much more confident than I ever thought possible in that amount of time. I feel as if I’ve learned from the best with all of the help I’ve received from Arielle. For ANYONE interested in dog grooming, I 110% recommend you to this school.

Brittany G.

I am currently a student here, I started June 12th. I had been looking online to find a dog grooming school because I had taken an online course but felt I needed hands on training to learn the trade. I had talked to 2 different people before stumbling upon this class. I was not interested in the one course because it was only an 80 hour course and felt I would need more training then that. Boy, was I correct on that assumption. Arielle has been a magnificent teacher during the last 8 weeks. I feel as if I have learned from the best.. She is a very good instructor and definitely knows what she is doing. I am very thankful to have stumbled upon her name when looking for a class to take. I would highly recommend to anyone looking to be a groomer to go to her. My course is a 10 week course, I believe you need that much time to get comfortable with what you are doing.. A Very happy student, Thanks Arielle for all you did for me.. I have learned so much from you!!!

Julie H.

I just want to thank my teacher Arielle from the Cleveland Grooming Academy!

When I started looking into dog grooming schools, I knew that going to school and just sitting at a desk or a computer wasn't for me. After talking to Arielle for three minutes on the phone, I knew that she was the perfect teacher for me, and she definitely didn't disappoint me at all.

On my first day of school, I was already bathing a dog! Everything was hands on and we had so much fun. We learned, we laughed, and we had a great time. Everyone in class became friends and I couldn't remember the last time I felt comfortable with learning something new. Now I have a career when I never even thought I would or could, and I have the Cleveland Grooming Academy to thank for that.

If you are looking for a career, looking for something on the side, or especially if you are a mom looking to build a career that will work around your little ones, call Arielle at the Cleveland Grooming Academy. She could change your life!

Terry H.

I graduated the Cleveland Grooming Academy this past September. The facility is very spacious and clean and has lots of new and modern equipment on the grooming market available to you to use. The teaching at this school is completely based on you as the student, you are taught at your pace and challenged to get better every day. All of the clients and their pets are treated with amazing customer service and respect. Arielle is such an amazing teacher and will always be on my list to call if I ever have any questions about anything grooming related. She very much encourages continued education which is very important in the grooming industry because things are always changing and improving. This school is amazing and I hope it goes far. If you are considering becoming a student here please do because you will find no where better!

Brianna R.

Being a student of Cleveland Grooming Academy I have learned a lot and have great confidence as to my future with grooming thanks to my amazing and patient teacher, Arielle. If you are thinking of getting into grooming, I highly recommend going here. You'll get the top learning experience with the most hands on training.

Tori P.

Was very impressed with the owner and the facility when my daughter and I toured the academy. Was very clean, organized and the owner was very ambitious and was excited about her school. She was very knowledgeable and offered a program with a lot more hours than other schools we toured. My daughter ended up choosing this academy and graduated from there ready to start her life as a groomer. I highly recommend this academy!

Amy R.

This school has been the most amazing choice I have made so far in my grooming career! The teacher, Arielle Scavnicky, has so much knowledge and talent that she is willing to share. She has complete patience with beginners and a dedication to her student’s success. She is an incredible mentor to have and is there anytime I have questions on things, whether while I was still in school or graduated. If you are asking yourself if you can do it…you absolutely can! I’m a wife, mother of two, and drove an hour and half each way to and from school and it was worth every minute of it. I did not want to leave after graduating. And even though Arielle is much younger then me, I still look up to her and hope to be as talented of a groomer as her someday. Thank you so much for everything you have taught me and also for giving me the confidence to proceed as a dog groomer. I could not have done it without you!

Adda B.

I would give more stars if I could.

I honestly didn't know if I could become a professional groomer. Having failed learning to groom with an online program, I looked up the best rated schools in Ohio. I'm so glad I chose this one!

I have a hard time understanding new concepts, but Arielle taught in such a way that I started to learn quicker than I thought possible! I owe everything I've learned to this school, and it's provided a wonderful foundation to continue to learn as I start my new job. If you are reading this and looking to get into grooming, I cannot recommend the Cleveland Grooming Academy enough.

Allie T.

I spent six years in prison on a drug charge. It saved my life. I decided upon release to go to school here, and it also changed my life. Arielle is AMAZING. She is so gentle and kind in her approach to teaching. I had NO confidence when I walked in her door, and I am now running my own at home shop. I have been grooming less than a year and have had other salon owners offer me jobs based on my Facebook post, ALONE! My clients tell me that I do a better job than most of our shops in town. My dreams have come true! I found my confidence and I truly love grooming. This school is everything, from Arielles skill and manner of teaching, to the tools she chooses for you. She knows what you need. Thank you Arielle for changing my life. DO NOT think of going anywhere else, CLEVELAND GROOMING ACADEMY IS THE ANSWER!

Angel J.

I attended the Cleveland Grooming Academy from January to August of 2020. I consider my decision to attend and study under Arielle to be one of the best choices I've ever made.

Arielle has been an incredible teacher, and has continued to be someone I can rely on for grooming and professional advice post-graduation.

The CGA has been the first time I've ever looked forward to and been excited about going to school; I can't recommend it enough.

Al R.

I had the best time as a student at the Cleveland Grooming Academy! Arielle was truly an amazing instructor and has given me so much confidence in myself as a new groomer! I can’t recommend her enough if you’re looking for a career in grooming!

Autumn D.

Hiiiiiighly recommend if you are looking for a great “hands on” course on grooming . I can’t begin to put into words how thankful I am for Arielle ( the instructor) for her patience & Knowledge! I knew zero about Grooming & she helped every step of the way , you will never feel rushed or overwhelmed. I barely wanted to leave when the course was over !

Stress free school environment, dogs were great (especially a dog named Titus that I will miss ) facility is great ! I have zero complaints.

Also if you are looking for a grooming salon for your pet let this review also be a recommendation for Cleveland Grooming Academy . Your dog will be in great hands no matter the size or age !

Well wishes to all that are ready to take a step into a new career !

Tiana J.



Tuesday - Saturday | 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM
Saturday | 9:00AM to 3:00 PM
Sunday and Monday | Closed





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Broadview Heights OH, 44147

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